Summer Volunteer Projects!

Wahed Project
October 17 in Tualatin

50508040241 f5105e5112 cBIO/Project Summary: Mr. Wahed lives in his Tualatin home with his wife and two adult daughters - both of whom are college students, one at University of Portland and the other at University of Oregon. He had a successful career in I.T. , and was otherwise very active, before being diagnosed with a rare disease called Fibrous Dysplasia.  This debilitating disease has resulted in physical and financial challenges, and they reached-out to us for help with some critical repairs before the Autumn rains set-in.

Damaged shingles were "buckling up" on a portion of the roof. The rest of the roof was fine for the time being, but the back lower section was literally falling apart and exposing the home to severe damage from rain.  We stripped & re-roofed the 400+ SF section, so that they'll stay dry & safe during the rainy months.

The sliding glass door to the backyard had multiple cracks in the vinyl frame, both glass panes
had blown seals, and the metal track that guides the door was damaged beyond repair.  They could barely open it.  We replaced it with a brand-new unit.

It was a great, long day of hard work...and our hats are off to the 5-volunteers who gave their day to serve the Wahed family!