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Clark Project
June 26-30, 2015 - in Carlton, OR


thumbIMG19541024This project is the story of a family in need, and their church family rallying around them to help.  Ms. Clark is a recently-divorced single mom of 5 children between the ages of 16-24, and one infant grandchild.  The family of 7 lives in a small 1908 home with one bathroom.  The bathroom and kitchen floors had sustained massive water damage over the years, from within the home as well as from the crawl space underneath. The water intrusion to the crawl space was addressed several years ago, but left the footing piers in very bad shape due to erosion under the house.  Consequently, both floors were completely ruined and needed to be replaced.  A portion of the bathroom floor collapsed this past year.  Ms. Clark is a member of Joyful Servant Lutheran Church in Newberg.  Other church members learned of the Clark family's situation last year, and rallied to help with various household needs, clothing, furniture, etc.  This group of about a dozen people, led by Kris & Emily Scharfenberger, had also begun doing some of the repairs.  They are wonderful people!  Although the little town of Carlton is somewhat far away from our normal service area, we came alongside these wonderful volunteers from JSLC in their efforts to serve the Clark family.
Catalyst Leaders:

  • Crew Chiefs: Doug Woodard, Rex Yetter, Darrell Kriechbaum
  • Project Advocates: Taft Mitchell, Marina Mitchell, Linda Owen


  • Joyful Servant Lutheran Church (JSLC) in Newberg - provided volunteers, snacks, and lunches.
  • Johnson's flooring in Newberg - donated new vinyl, base & install for bathroom & kitchen.  
  • Home Depot, Sherwood: 15% discount.  Big thanks to Assistant Manager Brian Egan.

Jobs Completed in 270 donated hours by 30 Volunteers:

  • Demolished & rebuilt bathroom & kitchen floors down to the ground beneath
  • Replaced bathroom tub, shower surround, and toilet
  • Replaced kitchen cabinets, counters, sink assembly
  • Misc. interior repairs & cleaning
  • Installed trench drain around front of property