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Saldivar Project
June 1-2 in Happy Valley


IMG9533Ms. Saldivar and her husband are a low-income young couple with a 12-year old daughter, who recently moved to Oregon from the San Diego area. They purchased a badly-damaged mobile home last Fall, "sight-unseen" for a very low price; and have been working feverishly to renovate it ever since. The furnace has never worked, so they made it through the Winter months with space heaters.  They have torn-out moldy sheetrock & insulation, removed carpet damaged by pet urine and feces, and a host of other yucky things. They did all the demo and cleaning work they could, and covered everything with odor-killing primer; yet the resulting repairs needed were beyond their capabilities.  

When they reached out to Catalyst, their master bedroom was unoccupiable with exposed, un-insulated stud walls, damaged floors, and broken windows.  Their kitchen and bathroom floors were also damaged, and just before our big project one of the family members actually fell through into the crawl space!  They heard about Catalyst from Clackamas County Weatherization.  They are delightful people, with a close-knit extended family, and we were excited to give them a hand up!  

In the master bedroom we replaced insulation & wall coverings, and repaired flooring and two broken windows.  We repaired and replaced the floors in their bathroom and kitchen, and ended up putting-down new laminate flooring into their dining and living rooms.  After all that, a carpet crew installed carpet in the hallway and bedrooms, and they got to move-into their newly remodeled home!

  • We partnered with Abundant Life Church in Happy Valley, and they provided plenty of volunteers for the project!  We couldn't have done it without these amazing, hard-working servants!
  • Also, Greg Lundeen of Wolfer's Heating paid a complimentary visit to repair their furnace!
  • Steam-Vac did a great job with the carpeting!
After the project was done on Sunday afternoon, the family treated all the volunteers to a traditional Mexican feast with Carne Asada!  This was a very special project, and we made many new friends.  Thanks to all the volunteers and partners!