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Mt. Scott Learning Center
August 5-22 in SE Portland 



Before Photo-Mt. Scott Learning Center is a non-profit organization located in southeast Portland, Oregon. MSLC is an accredited education options program that exists to provide an educational setting tailored to the special needs of students who struggle to fulfill their potential in the traditional school environment.  

MSLC receives only 80% of the funding spent on students at larger, traditional schools.  This means they do more with less, and have to raise or leverage the other 20% on their own.  MSLC is located in an old historic church building in SE Portland, is making a dynamic impact in the lives of kids, and is busting at the seams! Please take a moment to WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO ABOUT MSLC.  (for more information about MSLC, visit the school’s website at

image002This August, Catalyst partnered with Westside-A Jesus Church to convert approximately 1,200 square feet of the school’s unfinished upstairs space (see photo) and two staircases into usable multipurpose areas. The new finished space will enable MSLC to expand classroom and office space for the 2016/17 school year. The school provided funding to pay for all materials and subcontractors for the project. Catalyst acted as the General Contractor (at no cost), coordinating with the school, architect, sub-contractors, and 112 volunteers to complete the work.

IMG4809Following is a brief list of what we did:

  • Aug. 6-7 (Sat.-Sun.) - Westside AJC overnight men’s retreat
    • Demo, framing, subfloor, begin hanging sheetrock
  • Aug. 8-12 (Mon.-Fri.) 
    • Sheetrock hanging, tape & mud, texture
  • Aug. 13-14 (Sat.-Sun.) 
    • Painting, carpentry
  • Aug. 15-22 (Mon.-Mon.)
    • Dump run, flooring, install doors & windows, finish carpentry, final painting