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Brown Project
October 13-14, 20-21 in Milwaukie 


IMG7003 1This project ended-up being much larger than we had thought it would be....but thanks to Construction Manager Darrell Kriechbaum, and a bunch of awesome volunteers, we got it done!

Ms. Brown is a low-income senior who lives in her mobile home in Milwaukie with her disabled brother, whom she cares for.  She is a very responsible lady who takes great care of her home, but she had been unable to afford repairs for her leaky roof and the effects of water intrusion.  Water leaks began about a year ago, and the wet winter of 2016/17 caused swelling & failure in several areas of her floor.  An asbestos-abatement company removed the damaged flooring, then we came in to reframe and install new subfloor and vinyl in both the bathroom and laundry area.  We also repaired the damaged area of roofing.  All together, it took 4 work days and about 15 volunteers.  Now Ms. Brown and her brother are safe & dry for the Winter...thank you Crew!