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Baker Project
October 22-23 in Milwaukee, OR


147172441015464401242980050752146422181015464401228980079864Ms. Baker has owned her residential Milwaukee home for 43 years.  Her older sister Ricki, who has terminal cancer, also lives with her.  It’s just the 2 of them now, but previously Ms. Baker had taken-in some family members and their pets, which had ruined her carpet floors.  After the pets and their owners moved, the carpet & pad were torn-out and the particle board was painted white as an attempt to seal-in the odors.  In addition to this, she was burglarized and severely assaulted several years ago, and has lived with damaged walls and minimal furniture ever since.  Although her home is safe and secure now, it’s appearance is a constant reminder of past traumas and she had been unable to get the repairs done.

One weekend in October, Crew Chief Darrell Kriechbaum and Advocate Christy Dirren led a mighty crew of volunteers to repair the floors, repair & paint walls, and lots of other things to give the home some much-needed TLC!  It was a wonderful project and we made some new friends!