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Esnault Project
September 24 in Beaverton 


Ms. Esnault is a low-income widow who lives alone in a manufactured home neighborhood in North Beaverton.  She contacted us because of some water leak problems in her walls, floor, and roof.  Upon inspection, we found some problem areas that were causing the leaks.  We returned on Saturday, September 24 to ensure that she can stay dry during the rainy season!


  • Re-flash & re-seal leaky downspout area, replace section of rotted panel siding
  • Repair or replace failing porch structure so that it sheds water away from home.  Repair ext. trim
  • Repair interior sheetrock areas
  • Replace leaky roof jacks, repair surrounding roof areas

On Saturday September, 24, a crew of 5 people stopped by Ms. Esnaults house to tackle the above tasks. Led by crew chief Gary Gage, the 5 volunteers went to task.

2 volunteers went up to the roof to begin patching the areas of the roof that had missing or loose shingles. The roof gang also set about reflashing an area where two different parts of the roof met, which was causing a leak below. They reflashed the area and water now can flow seemlessy into the gutter, instead of behind the trim and between two sheets of siding. 

The other 3 set about correcting the deck and replacing rotten siding, as well as touching up missing caulking and paint. By the end of the day, they had replaced a few pieces of rotten framing in the wall, a large chunk of rotten siding, and touched up caulking and paint inside and outside of the house. The other area that was causing water to enter the home was an area of the deck and siding in her porch that was wicking water up into the home and staining the interior drywall. The crew flashed the deck and resided the walls on the porch. The crew also replaced the old carpet on the deck with a new non-slip water-resistant surface. 

Despite Ms. Esnault's best efforts to put the crew into a mid-day nap from the excellent lunch she prepared, the crew was able to tackle the job at hand all in one day. 
--Cory De Kruyf, Project Coordinator