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Murphy Project
May 31--Jun.1 in Hillsboro


Ms. Murphy was in a severe car accident about 3-years ago, which left her with permanent disabilities in her legs, hips, & back.  She is 48 years old.  Walking is sometimes difficult for her, and she often uses a powered chair.  Her husband left her after the accident, and she receives little or no income from him.  She receives Social Security & Food Stamps, and has very little income. Following her divorce she was able to purchase a small, older home in central Hillsboro.  She takes very good care of the house & grounds, but is unable to provide for some critical accessibility upgrades & repairs due to her low, fixed-income.

We poured a concrete path to her backyard so that she can safely enjoy her back yard using her walker or wheelchair.  We also refinished a handicap ramp she had built by a family member, did some roofing repairs, and tended to various handyman repairs around the house.

20 volunteers helped with this project, and did a fantastic job!tnIMG3673
Project Advocate was Glen Wang
Crew Chief was Darrell Kriechbaum

PROJECT PARTNER: Hillsboro Home Depot discounted all the materials!