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Howard Project
August 1-9 in Hillsboro, OR 

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Howard CollageThis was a REALLY BIG PROJECT.  In fact, from a "donated manhours" perspective, it was the largest project we have ever done!  In all, 100 volunteers donated 1,000 hours to transform the home of a very deserving recipient. No wonder we're tired...but it was well worth it!  Ms. Howard is a single mom of 3 college-aged kids...well, young adults.  The 4 of them worked hard alongside us, and became new friends during this special project in the 90-degree+ heat!

Like many unfortunate people, Ms. Howard was laid off in 2011.  Also in that same year, she was attacked by a friend’s dog and was severely wounded.  She was unable to work for a year, and accumulated over $30,000 in medical bills.  After recovering, she went back to school during the time she was receiving unemployment and got grants to pay for school.  She is close to receiving her master’s degree and is looking forward to starting a fresh new life.  She is responsible and resourceful, and was looking for a “hand up” not a “hand out."  Her story inspired us, and we dug deep to help her in a special, life-changing way.  Here's a summary of what we did:


  • REPLACED LEAKY ROOF: Demo'd existing roof, wood repairs as needed along backside of house, Installed brand-new Malarkey shingle roof, vents, flashings
  • INSTALLED PERIMETER DRAIN FOR LEAKY BASEMENT: Removed decking and plants around perimeter of house for access, Dug 2-foot deep trench, Installed french drain around perimeter of house, filled with drain-rock, Installed sump-pump to drain unwanted groundwater away from house, into stormdrain system
  • STRIPPED & PAINTED EXTERIOR OF HOUSE: Pressure washed & scraped exterior of home, using EPA-approved "lead safe practices", Sprayed body paint, brushed/rolled trim. 


  • Project Advocates, Shey Gladstone, Taft Mitchell, Linda Owen
  • Crew Chiefs: Shawn Mitchell, Doug Woodard, Mike Haines
  • Other Leaders: JJ Milmore, Kirsten Williams, Cory Knudsen
  • Pro Tradesmen: Mike Todd, Caleb Mazil, Bobby Andruszko, Rex Yetter, Darrell Kriechbaum