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Hutchinson Project
September 26-27 in NE Portland


image1 copyMs. Hutchinson lives alone in a large, historic home in NE Portland.  She's low-income, and really needed our help with some critical repairs before the rainy season.  Crew Chief Darrell Kriechbaum and Project Advocate Shey Gladstone organized 16 volunteers on Saturday & Sunday to complete the tasks and help make Ms. Hutchinson's home safe and healthy.  Here's a list of stuff these heroes did:

Repaired leaky drainpipes and unclogged drains under sinks in the kitchen and bathroom (until this time, she had been bailing-out water by hand)

Reattached gutters to house where they'd come loose

Repared failed roof shingles and flashing where necessary, to keep water out of the house

Replaced failing bathroom floor

Replace exterior stairs to the front door

Made new friends!