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Chinn Project
March 26 in Beaverton, OR


25451698613eb3078a2b6zMs. Chinn is a single mom who lives with her 18-year old son in a small home in Beaverton. She is very low-income, and was referred to us by organizational partner Eve's Daughters.  Ms. Chinn has lived in her home for 22 years, and there were lots of things that needed our attention.  

Catalyst gathered together a group of volunteers, led by crew chief Doug Woodward,  to come by and assist Ms. Chinn with a handul of these items around her home.
Outside the house, a group of volunteers and Ms Chinn got together to clean up a large pile of wood, pick weeds and go through the flower beds.
Inside the house, the other group replaced old light fixtures, heaters and other things. 

At the end of the day, Catalyst was able to replace two bathroom light/fan/heater units that were noisy and blocked up with newer models and reconnect the venting from the fans to outlets in the roof that had previously been laying loose in the attic. 
A new thermostat was installed to replace an old broken one that left Ms. Chinn having to use the breaker to control the heaters which was both unsafe and inefficient. A new wall heater was also installed to replace an outdated one.
A ceiling fan was added to the living room to also help with circulation and to keep things cool in the summer, and a new hood vent replaced a very old and loud one in the kitchen. 
Outside the team also did a large amount of debris clean up in the lawn and flower beds to give room to future gardening for Ms. Chinn. 

Check out the photos linked at the top of the page to see what went on.

Crew Chief: Doug Woodard
Project Advocate: Bev Ecker
Coordinator: Cory De Kruyf