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Graeber Project
November 6-24 in Tigard 


What a hilarious project...well, not really.

IMG2722 1IMG2723 1Have you ever had an experience when you've found a problem, started poking around & investigating, and it just get bigger & bigger the more you dig?  That's what happend, and we're really glad we found it before it got worse!  An improperly installed dryer vent outlet had been causing warm, moist air to travel up inside the walls behind Ms. Graeber's bathroom for years...and what started as a routine leaky-toilet-floor-replacement turned into a marathon framing-siding-window replacement in the dark!  We got everything "dried-in" before the rains came the next morning, and wen't back later to install the floor and get things ready for them to put back together.

Thanks to volunteer Mike LeClaire, as well as project partner Westside - A Jesus Church for the financial grant to provide materials.