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Al Khachi Project
June 2011
Beaverton, OR

The Al Khachi family owns a small home which was built by Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Al Khachi suffered a heart attack 2-years ago, which left him with ongoing pain & limited motion in his arms, as well as shortness of breath. His wife provides for the family as part of St. Vincent Hospital’s housekeeping staff. They have a 19-year old son who attends PSU, and an 11-year old daughter.

The purpose of this project was to provide privacy and usability upgrades to the Al Khachi’s back & side yards. When Habitat crews built the house about 4-5 years ago, yard improvements were not part of the project. The ground was extremely uneven and unusable, and the unfenced yard faced the very busy Hall Boulevard. We installed a new fence, leveled & tilled the ground, planted grass, installed walkway pavers, and installed a concrete patio. These improvements will allow the family to enjoy the outdoors with dignity & privacy!