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Sunset SERVE  
May 21 in Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Portland

6 Home Repair Projects by 60 Volunteers from Sunset Presbyterian Church


IMG1807This is the amazing, inspirational story of what can happen when Catalyst volunteers get fired-up about helping neighbors... and recreate the whole Catalyst idea with their home church!  Paul & Kirsten Williams spearheaded the project and volunteer coordination, Sunset Pres. provided funding for materials & other costs, and Catalyst supported the effort with tools & general consultation.

All work was done on May 21 with some secondary patching and painting on May 24 & 28.  Projects included:
BV1 - Deck repair for single mom
BV2/3 - yard cleanup, toilet repair and light fixture repair for a single mom
BV4 - Install drywall in an unfinished garage, paint. Replaced door and minor electrical wiring repairs. Owner is a single mom.
PDX1 - yard work for a single mom. Added yard work for young widow at 2nd location.
HIL1 - window washing for an elderly widow.
HIL 2 - Major yard cleanup for elderly widow. 

Although this project was not planned and carried-out by Catalyst, we're extremely proud of the people of Sunset Presbyterian Church for their initiative and commitment to serving people in their community.  Way to go, crew!