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Dear Applicant:
  • Catalyst Partnerships provides home repairs, light remodeling, and cleanup services to homeowners who are elderly, disabled, and/or low-income.
  • Our mission is to bring together useful resources and loving volunteers to meet the needs of people in our community, so we are glad to help you in any way we can. Work is overseen by licensed contractors and performed by volunteers. Funds and materials are provided through donations from generous individuals, businesses, and organizations in the community.
  • Recipients are not required to pay for help, but are encouraged to contribute whatever labor and/or funds they are able to.
  • Recipients are chosen according to legitimate needs pertaining to structural integrity, health & safety.  We do not do projects that are cosmetic in nature.
  • Applicants' financial position with regard to property must be sustainable and without lien(s) or threatened foreclosure.
  • ROOF PROJECTS: Catalyst performs a limited number of roof-replacement projects each Summer (June through September), according to the following guidelines:
    • Roof-replacement projects are limited to those roofs which have active leaks or are otherwise currently problematic.  
    • We only accept roof-replacement applications in December & January.  In February we adopt only those roof-replacement projects we can accomplish in the coming Summer.  All other applications are declined, with the invitation to apply again for the following year.
    • TARPING: If your roof is actively leaking right now, we may be able to tarp your roof soon.  Please submit the application and let us know your roof is actively leaking and you need a tarp.
  • SERVICE AREA: Catalyst's service area is determined according to availability of volunteers.  Our current service area is limited to a large portion of the Portland Metro area, roughly described as follows:
    • Columbia Blvd. and to the South
    • Canby and to the North
    • Hillsboro/Newberg and to the East
    • I-205 and to the West
    • Note: We do occasionally make exceptions to the current service area
  • INCOME QUALIFICATION: To qualify for Catalyst services, annual household income must be below the following limits.  These are the 2023 limits set by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), based their determination of Low (80%) of Median Income:
    Persons in Family  /  Income Limit
    1            63,150
    2            72,200
    3            81,200
    4            90,200
    5            97,450
    6            104,650
    7            111,850
    8            119,100

If the information above describes your situation, then submit the following application. (Note that submitting an application does not guarantee that we will be able to help you.  Catalyst receives many more applications than we are able to address with available volunteers and resources, but we do our best to help as many as possible):



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