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"Fortify House" Project
September 26 - October 18 in Wilsonville 


27ED496A-4684-4D11-994D-A8BE9ATransitional Youth is a non-profit that works to bring hope and healthy transformation to at-risk youth in Oregon and Washington.  It’s estimated there are 500 homeless youth in downtown Portland alone.  There are hundreds more across the metro area and even more aging out of foster care and other youth agencies. By providing outreach, support, and housing to homeless and at-risk youth, TY seeks to transform both hearts and lives.

“Fortify House” is a 140-year-old neglected farmhouse on a lovely piece of property located in the Eastern rolling hills of Wilsonville, which has been dedicated to TY’s use for the next 15-years. It will serve as a residential home for young men and a respite center for the staff.  Teams of volunteers have been busy cleaning and remodeling the home for several months, and there are still months of work ahead.  There are already 5 young men living in a manufactured home on the property, and our project was to provide a special gathering space for them!

Catalyst mobilized partners and 90 volunteers over a 2-week period to transform the dirty & gross basement into a place for TY's young men to enjoy entertainment, exercise, games, etc.  TY provided funding/donations for all the hard-costs, while Catalyst handled everything else.  This was a wonderful project for an amazing cause, and we were privileged to with the opportunity to serve with such wonderful people on all sides!

QUOTE: Katie Green, from Green Group Real Estate, had this to say

"Honestly the best volunteer experience we have had to date! Complete honor to be a part of this project and what Catalyst does for others. The entire team of helpers are all looking forward to helping you again, whatever the project might be. Thank you!" 



  • Demo'd all unwanted items, cabinets, wall coverings, etc.
  • Cleaned ceilings, walls, lumber, floors 
  • Secured loose wires, replaced light bulbs, misc. repairs
  • Installed cabinets
  • Constructed concrete patio
  • Installed new windows/sliding door 
  • Framed & panelled over exposed stud/concrete walls
  • Framed & panelled around staircase
  • Lots of caulking
  • Prime & paint