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Hester Project
April 5-6 in Canby 

IMG0479Ms. Hester is a very pleasant woman who is severely handicapped and low-income. She is 68-years old, and lives alone in her Canby mobile home. Ms. Hester’s friend, who provides most of Mickey's transportation, said that the handicap ramp for her home was too weak to allow her to use Mickey's power wheel chair. Also, because of rotted spots and the steep pitch, it was hard to get her up or down the ramp at all.  Repairs were made to other exterior stairs as well as removing and replacing her existing ramp.  She was very excited to have the new ramp and went up and down several times.

This project was adopted by our partners at Stone Creek Christian Church!

UPDATE - Friday, April 5th - This photo was taken today after the installation of Ms. Hester's new aluminum ramp!  This is the first time she's been able to get out of her home in 2-months.  Thanks crew!