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Tevis 1 Project
Feb-Mar, 2012
Forest Grove, OR

Mrs. Tevis is a disabled woman whose low-income family owns a home in Forest Grove. She lives with several other family members, who share expenses. Paula submitted an application for us to install grab bars in her shower, after she had occasionally lost balance and fallen out of the shower due to her disability. Upon inspection, we noticed that the corners of the walls above and surrounding the shower were badly damaged and absolutely full of black mold. The mold had grown past the paint and into the paper of the sheetrock in several places, so we ended up removing a portion of the ceiling and a few walls around the shower. After the wall next to the plumbing-side of the shower was opened, we discovered extensive rot under around & under the shower. Long story short, we ended up removing the entire shower & enclosure walls, hiring SILVER MOUNTAIN PLUMBING to come in and install the new shower pan & run the new pipes at a tremendous discount, and installing a nice 5-foot shower with new doors & valve. It was a huge disruption to their home for a simple request, but they are ecstatic!