Summer Volunteer Projects!

Anderson Project
May 19-20 in Milwaukie 

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 5.41Ms. Anderson is a 60 year old woman who lives alone in the Milwaukie mobile home she has owned for 20-years. She had struggled with a dangerous bathroom floor that was damaged by a leaky toilet.  The floor was extremely "spongie" and soft in places, and she was in danger of falling through.  She works full-time, but was unable to hire a contractor for the work.  She had contacted multiple agencies for help with repairs, but there was always some reason she didn't meet their criteria.  She reached out to 211 and was referred to Catalyst.  She told us that we were her last hope for help.

On May 19-20, Construction Manager Darrell Kriechbaum and Project Advocate Isaac Federiuk worked their tails off to take care of the necessary repairs for Ms. Anderson.  The entire subfloor needed to be removed and rebuilt, along with the new vinyl-plank flooring.  In addition, they were able to attend to the leaks which caused the problem in the first place.  

Thanks guys, you're heroes!