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Soares Project
September 27-28 in N Portland


Ms. Soares is a widow who lives alone on a fixed-income in her 1923 North Portland home.  In spite of suffering with some health issues, she’s one of the sweetest little ladies we’ve met in years!  Her main needs were to have her badly leaking garage roof repaired, fix the associated structural damage, and have her vintage 1970’s linoleum kitchen floor replaced.  There were also some other minor repairs that needed to be done.  Here's a brief report from Advocate Taft Mitchell:
Diana's home is old, but neat and well-kept. She lives there with two dogs that look like small mops/dusters. Her detached garage was leaking water and one of the walls was unstable. Her income is sufficient for the essentials, but if anything breaks, she is unable to respond. The floor in her kitchen was slowly coming apart. So we sent a crew that replaced the floor, shored up the beams and side of the garage, and fixed other small matters. She was touchingly grateful. The project took us two days.
15 Volunteers were led by our project leaders:
Crew Chief: Darrell Kriechbaum
Advocates: Glen Wang, Taft Mitchell