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Hernandez 1 Project
March 15, 2009
Beaverton, OR

On Sunday, March 15, a group of about 10 of us helped the Hernandez family of Beaverton with some projects they needed help with. We repaired and painted the walls of their bathroom, and repaired water damage in their ceiling. Rogelio Hernandez, the family patriarch, is on permanent disability and cannot work. He and his wife, Blanca, pictured here with volunteer McKenzie Mitchell, were very thankful for all the help the volunteers gave that day!

The following was written by project advocate Judith McLean:

"I always like to thank Catalyst Partnerships for the opportunity to help someone who is in the unpleasant situation of asking for help. For all the amazing before and after pictures of the projects we work on, there's something you can't take a picture of and that's the volunteers' hearts filled with the happiness that comes from helping someone else. It is truly a gift for the volunteers as well as a helping hand to someone in need. I can't wait for our next project!"

Unfortunately, we didn't get photos of Chris & Linda Marino, who also helped with the project. Thanks to all the volunteers!