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Westman Project
August 9-13 in Tigard 


Westman folksMs. Westman is a 74-year-old widow who has lived in her Tigard-area home for 50-years. Her husband passed away last Fall, after struggling with health issues for the past few years.  She has very little income, and receives food stamps to help make ends meet.  Her home is in fairly good structural shape, and she takes great care of it....but her roof was a disaster.  

Her roof began leaking in a few places last year, and she repaired the areas as best as she could by herself...yes, really...she got up on a ladder and did her best!  Unfortunately, the roof was long-past its serviceable life and needed to be totally replaced.  We installed a lovely blue tarp over the whole thing and promised to return next Summer.

We partnered with Malarkey Roofing Products, Ability Plus Roofing, and Tigard Christian Church to replace Ms. Westman’s roof, perform minor repairs on some siding & window trims, and do a yard cleanup!  Of course, we used all of the safety precautions and best practices necessary to keep our volunteers safe!  It was a massive undertaking, beginning with removal of 2 layers of composition roofing, plus the original cedar shakes.  All in all, over a 5-day period, 70 volunteers swarmed all over the place and did what needed to be done to ensure that Ms. Westman can continue to live safely in her home.  

Malarkey Roofing Products donated all of the asphalt roofing materials
Ability Plus Roofing donated other materials, equipment, and consultation
Tigard Christian Church lead the charge with volunteers, as well as funding for all the other materials

Crew Chiefs: Shawn Mitchell, Carson Puppo, Rick Hoggan
Project Advocate: Brian Burns
Site Host: Linda Owen