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Community Of Hope - Homeless Shelter Project  
Oct.-Dec. in St. John's, Portland, OR

A group of compassionate churches in the St. John's area of North Portland are joining forces to create a Homeless Shelter located in the facility of Red Sea Church.
Volunteers will be organized to run the shelter, provide training & resources, and meet the needs that arise.  It's a wonderful cause that will help many at-risk families, and we're glad to help!

Catalyst will be providing Contractor Oversight to the remodeling process that will provide showers, laundry facilities, and other needs to make this vision a reality.  

"The Community of Hope will support North Portland homeless families. We will build on the strengths families already have while providing housing, classes, resources, and mentoring. This support will help parents to hold a job, manage finances, steer clear of addictions, develop positive relationships, grow in parenting skills, and make healthy life choices, all in the context of Christian community."