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Miller Project
September 22 & 29 in Beaverton 


IMG9093 1Ms. Miller is a low-income 80-year-old lady who lives alone in her Beaverton mobile home.  The home was built in 1975 and still had the original paint...which was thin & chalky & bad looking.  Park management was requiring that the home be repainted before the rainy-season begins.  Project leaders Paul & Kirsten Williams stepped-up and brought together a bunch of friends, who joined with a few others to get the job done... just before the rains came!  Kirsten led a team on the 22nd to do the prep work and pressure washing, while Paul led a different group to do the painting on the following Saturday.  

There were also some siding repairs needed on the home of Ms. Miller's neighbor, and we did that too...thanks to help from Brian Erickson, David Somerville, and new volunteer Marion Sylvester from Beaverton Christian Church!