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Church Partners

Catalyst was born as an extension of a local church, and because Executive Director Shawn Mitchell is a former church pastor, we have relationships with leaders from many local churches.  Because of this history, many of our volunteers have historically come from local churches, and several church partnerships have formed.  These partnerships fuel our projects with funds, volunteers, and resources.  Here is a list of our current Church Partners:

Abundant Life Church - Happy Valley, OR
Liaisons: Jeff Boxell, Tom McGranahan, Andrew Nelson, David Grigg

Community of Hope Lutheran Church - Wilsonville, OR
Liaisons: Pat Baker, Taft Mitchell, Many More

Grace Chapel - Wilsonville, OR
Liaisons: Leo Vaughn, Matt Taylor

Living Hope Fellowship - Aloha, OR
Liaisons: Todd Everett, Ryan Kerner

Stone Creek Christian Church - Oregon City, OR 
Liaisons: Tim Long, Shawn White, Merritt Beymer, Phil Baldwin, Dan & Lee Neils

Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus, OR
Liaisons: Rick Hoggan, Linda Owen

The Bridge Christian Church - Wilsonville, OR
Liaison: Bob Johnson

Westside - A Jesus Church - Tigard, OR
Liaisons: Mike Eschete, Bryan Fowler, Scott Zwingli