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TopGolf Models2019 Golf Marathon


On Saturday, May 4th, we held our 9th Annual Golf Marathon Fundraiser!  In the past 9-years, this annual event has raised over $583,000 to benefit the charitable work of Catalyst.  This has been nothing short of amazing, and has changed the lives of dozens of neighbors in it's a total blast for those of us who get involved!

In this year's event 35 participants raised over $105,000.  These are not ultra-rich people who wrote big checks, but loyal supporters who donated at least $100 themselves and then asked their friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to sponsor their efforts to hit 100-balls to raise funds for Catalyst.  All in all, these 35 amazing people garnered tax-deductible donations from about 700 individuals! 

Thank you so much to all of our participants and donors!  Here's a listing of our top pledge earners and award winners:

Most $ Raised - Overall:  Ryan Gray
Most $ Raised - Rookie:  Scott Diamond
Most $ Raised - Team:  "Electric Eagles" (Darrell Kriechbaum & Jackie Paul, Kris Scharfenberger, Linda LeClaire, Scott Diamond)
Most Sponsors:  Rob Miller
Raised Over $4k:  Darrell Kriechbaum & Jackie Paul, Loren Schrock)
Raised Over $6k:  Ryan Gray, Rick Hoggan, Rob Miller
Best Costumes:  Zach & Tiffany Schekel
Highest Score - M/W:  Walter Reyes, Linda Lundeen
Highest Score - Team: "Hopeful Hooligans" (Loren Schrock, Walter Reyes, Greg Lundeen, Linda Lundeen)