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McGuire Project
August 22-30 in Wilsonville 


IMG4853Ms. McGuire is a low-income 68-year-old widow who lives alone in her double-wide mobile home in Wilsonville.  Her husband passed-away 2-years ago, they bought the home in 2007.  She was recently directed by the park management company to have her home pressure-washed, and asked for our help.  Upon visiting, we found far greater problems.  She had mentioned that her deck could use some touch-up paint, and that some of the roof shingles needed to be replaced.  In reality, her deck was borderline dangerous with rot; and her roof, which was brittle and riddled with gaps, needed to be replaced.  Over the course of a week, 84 volunteers showed up to completely replace the deck and roof...and Ms. McGuire's home was transformed!

Malarkey Roofing donated all the asphalt roofing materials for the project.  
Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville provided virtually all the volunteers for the project!
Powerwashed the exterior walls and deck
Removed existing roof shingles. Minor sheeting repairs
Cleared-out gutters & downspouts
Installed new roofing - 23 squares.
demolished, rebuilt, and painted new deck surface and railings

Crew Chief: Pat Baker
Roofing Pro: Mike Todd
Advocate: Taft Mitchell

"There were so many volunteers on Saturday that Theresa’s property looked like an ant hill.  Theresa’s favorite part of the project was the interaction with the volunteers. She made coffee for us. Her grand daughters made cupcakes and muffins for us and one of them sang for us during lunch. I asked her about the impact of the project on her. She said, “profound,” and then chocked up, unable to go further. She said it will take a while to absorb the fact that the roof will not leak, and that the deck will be safe. This was a good project, helping Theresa, the church, the volunteers, and Theresa’s grand daughters."