Summer Volunteer Projects!

Leggett Project
July 24-25 in Milwaukie


50160482448 4b2e16b764 cMr. Leggett is an 80 year old disabled man who lives alone in his  Milwaukie mobile home, and his roof is in terrible shape. He was referred to us by Clackamas County, and reached out to us for help last Fall.  His roof was actively leaking, with at least 5  buckets collecting water around the house.  Upon our 2019 visit we found that his rubber-membrane roof needed to be completely re-done, and his gutters were also rusted  completely  through  and need replaced. At that time, we installed a big tarp with plans to return in Summer 2020 to do the repairs.  

Mr. Leggett’s family members contributed toward the cost of materials, and we were joined by volunteers from Clackamas County to install the new roof.  We're so glad we were finally able to get his roof taken care of...GREAT WORK, CREW!