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Lopez Project
Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013


  • You see that rusty, corroded drain attachment?  That's the culprit of all the water under Ms. Lopez' kitchen sink.  This is just one of the several issues she and her two daughters were dealing with every day in their single-wide mobile home in Cornelius.  Ms. Lopez recently divorced an abusive husband, and lives on a very low, fixed income. 
  • Troy Hall, leader of Solid Rock Church's "Band Of Brothers" (BOB), and member of Catalyst's Service Project Oversight Team, led the project.  Volunteers from BOB and Sunset Presbyterian church helped to repair the toilet, replace caulking, replace leaking kitchen fixtures and enclose the attic space of the home to keep critters from continuing to "nest" up there (and cleaned out the mess those critters had made!).  Ms. Lopez and her daughters were very appreciative of the work that was done on their home.