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Regalado Project
July 14 - 19 in Farmington, OR


IMG2524IMG4670Ms. Regalado is a single 41-year old woman who works at a nearby assisted living center for the elderly.  She has owned her single-wide mobile home for 12-years, is very responsible, and has done a great job fixing-up and decorating her little haven.  Unfortunately, it was leaking like a sieve!   The roof was damaged and had been leaking badly for several years, the windows and gutters leaked due to improper installation, and the particle-board siding was on its last leg.  If these items had not been repaired, Ms. Regalado’s home would have been ruined soon, putting her in terrible financial trouble.

In October 2015, Catalyst members attached a large, thick, plastic tarp over the roof in order to keep the home reasonably dry during the rainy season.  We returned this summer with new materials and lots of volunteers to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Repaired the metal roof.  This involved cutting holes in the ceiling under failed portions, repairing the framing under the metal roof, then repairing the areas of ceiling.
  2. Cleaned, repaired, primed, and coated the roof with elastomeric goop...really good stuff!
  3. Replaced 80% of the home's siding and made necessary framing repairs to get rid of copious dry rot
  4. Reset the gutters, installed proper window flashing & replaced trim,
  5. Caulked & painted the whole dang house
 It was a great project, and Ms. Regalado and her parents worked hard with us for 5 of the 6 project days!  

Crew Chief: Shawn Mitchell
Project Advocate: Bruce Hanna and Linda Owen
Coordinator: Isaac Federiuk