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Reese Part 2 - Prep & Painting
July-August in North Plains, OR

Reese VolunteersMs. Reese owns a home in North Plains, just a bit Northwest of Hillsboro. She is disabled, and lives alone on a low, fixed income.  A small group of Catalyst volunteers fixed some problems with her home last February, and noted that her home badly needed scraping & painting.  We decided to come back this Summer to take care of it.  Doug Woodard (Crew Chief) and Taft Mitchell (Project Advocate) headed-up this project.  

On Monday, July 22, volunteer Jim Boucher from Pressure Power LLC came to get the process started by taking off the main layer of cracking & peeling paint.  Thanks Jim!

On Saturday, July 27, a volunteer team of about 15 people came out to scrape the walls & eves and begin the painting process.  Amazingly, they got about 75% done!  This fantastic volunteer crew was bolstered by some folks from North Plains Christian Church.

On Saturday, August 24, the last little group of volunteers came to finish the job.  It all turned out great, the house is beautiful, and Ms. Reese is happy!  

Thanks to all who helped with this need!


Kirsten Williams, 7/13/2013