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Evans Project (aka "The Seven Dwarves Project")
November 6-8 in Beaverton 


Family Shot 1Once upon a time, there was a cute young family with a dad, mom, and 3 young kids.  The mom & dad had so much love in their hearts that they decided to adopt twin infant boys from Africa.  This would certainly give them a full house, but they were prepared and excited.  About this same time, they learned that they were pregnant with twins!  Dad has a great full-time job as an assistant manager at a local Trader Joe's, and mom stays home with the tribe.  We became acquainted with the Evans family when they asked us to help them build an addition to the back of their home to provide more living space and another bathroom....yes, that's a family of 9, 5 kids aged 3 & under, with one bathroom!  Although they are low-income according to HUD qualificaitons, the Evans are paying for all material costs and contractors to do the big stuff... thanks to a loan from a family member.  We mobilized volunteers to help with things that would save them lots of money, as well as sweat and craziness as they continue to live in their little home in the midst of such a big project. They are a wonderful family, and we're glad we were able to come alongside them to help!


  • Cleared-out kids’ bedroom at back of house (beds, bookshelves with a million books, toys, etc.).  Organized everything for short-term storage, donations for Goodwill, & disposal into big dumpster
  • Emptied the attic area above the kids’ bedroom, separating into areas for storage and disposal
  • Installed new rain-drain system for whole house, trenched drainage lines to curb, and cut curb for outflow
  • Chopped firewood from existing rounds/logs
  • Demo'd walls in kids’ bedroom to prepare for staircase which will go up to the second floor of the addition
  • Dug dry-well for foundation drain discharge
  • Covered foundation drain trench with gravel, fabric, & dirt.  Releveled dirt in backyard
  • Installed visqueen under new addition
  • Threw away construction debris, etc., from around property into dumpster
Thanks to all our 38 volunteers who donated 200 hours of labor for the work!
Project Partner: Community Of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville