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Peyton Project
March 22 in Canby, OR 

PeytonOn March 22 Catalyst Partnerships mustered volunteers to respond to the need of Mr. Peyton in Canby, Oregon. Mr. Peyton served in the Vietnam war, and suffered life-altering wounds & burns.  He lives alone, and really needed our help.  In all, there were 32 volunteers, including Crew Chief Extraordinaire Doug Woodard and advocate Taft Mitchell. We had 4 basic tasks:
•    Restore and brace fallen and loosened foundation posts under the house.
•    Trim trees that were damaging the roof and restricting movement on the property.
•    Remove moss from the roof, treat with moss killer, and restore function of all gutters.
•    Remove all debris and blackberries from a large, overwhelmed yard.  It required 4 loads in a big dump-trailer!
All tasks were accomplished, beyond initial expectations. The recipient, Mr. Peyton, was engaged in the process, greeting and thanking all who came, entertaining the children with his arm hook prosthesis, and enjoying the donuts and pizza. He was excited and overwhelmed at the large group of people who came to be his friends and helpers, with no strings attached. He had to go into the house several times to rest. 

All volunteers but 4 came from Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville. They all came on time and were fully engaged. Their spirit was excellent, and they stayed until it was clear that we had done all that we could. The BOBS ministry of that church was the base for the volunteers, providing an example that could be followed by other churches. All in all, it was a successful project and presented the work of Catalyst in an effective and winsome manner. Mission accomplished!