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Monika's House
Sunday, April 27 in Portland, OR 


“Monika’s House” is a safe-house owned & operated by Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC).  DVRC is a non-profit agency providing free services to adult and child survivors of domestic violence within Washington County, Oregon and surrounding areas. They offer protective order advocacy, professional counseling, confidential shelter, 24-hr crisis line response, safety planning, resource referrals, and community trainings.  Monika’s House has been around for many years and is quite large. High-risk domestic violence individuals & families are sheltered from dangerous/life threatening violence.  There are currently 10 families living there.  The facility is about 5,000 square feet, and it's on about 1.5 acres.  Its location is confidential, for security reasons, and surrounded by lots of trees & foliage.  They had everyone vacate the premises for 1 full day so volunteers could come-in to do some much-needed repairs & grounds maintenance.  40 volunteers got lots of work done, inside & outside the house:
  • Replaced the office floor
  • Weeded & spread cedar chips
  • Cut-up fallen trees
  • Built a timber & gravel step walkway up a slope - Click Here for Video
  • Handyman repairs
  • Had a really great time!
We partnered with Love, Inc. of Beaverton for this project.  They donated staff time and furniture replacements
Also, the North Beaverton Home Depot donated the flooring we used for the office!