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DeWitz Project
July 9-14, 2010
Beaverton, OR

Our effort to help Barbara DeWitz with much-needed improvements on her travel trailer was successfully completed! Barbara DeWitz is a very nice elderly lady who has lived in Beaverton's "Pioneer Mobile Park" for almost 10 years. A few months ago, she appealed to the City of Beaverton for assistance with her roof, which has been leaking badly for over a year. Beaverton has a great program that helps low-income and/or elderly homeowners with needs like this, but because Barbara's home is a travel trailer, rather than a true mobile home, she did not qualify for aid. Andrea Lindberg, one of our partnering friends at the City, referred Barbara to us. Upon visiting & inspecting her home, we determined that she needed a completely new roof, as well as some other ground-level improvements. Here's how it all shook down:  30 volunteers donated about 200 man-hours to replace her roof and install new skirting around the lower “air space” below the trailer.

The roof was a much bigger deal than we had thought. In fact, the rot damage was so severe in the structural lumber near the heavy air conditioner unit, that the roof would certainly have caved-in at some point. We ripped out all the old stuff, and replaced it with new structural supports, a stable plywood surface, and a nice new rubber membrane. 100% done!

The skirting ended up much nicer than I had anticipated. We had a construction “ringer” on this project who designed it well and taught others to carry on (thanks Curtis).

For those of you who helped with the project, dear thanks…from me, but mostly from Barbara. She is beside herself with gratitude. That’s what this is all about!

Blessings to you all...Enjoy the photos!