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Safe Haven Project
Feb-Mar 2012 in Beaverton, OR

This 6-week long project saw the greatest number of volunteers in Catalyst's 5-year history! Over 130 volunteers - men women and children - gave over 650 man-hours to completely transform a trashed rental into a home for abused women & children. Volunteers from church groups, businesses & organizations, and families, donated their time & skills to create the dramatic "make-over.” In addition, many organizations contributed “Gifts-In-Kind” of materials and/or labor to help make it possible!

The Beaverton home had been abused by irresponsible renters, but it is now transformed. We hope that this transformation process will also inspire the women who are in the process of transforming their lives and the future of their children. The home is now a welcoming place where troubled women can get a fresh start! It will be a "transitional home", where a couple of women and their children will be able to live rent free for a period of time, under the direction and care of the Domestic Violence Resource Center.

Project Stats:

Total Volunteers: 130+
Manhours: 650
Value of donated products, materials, professional time: $10,200

Thanks to project partners:

Beaverton Christian Church
Carpet Outlet / The Floor Store
Catalyst Communities
CK Hoffman Design
Excellence Plumbing
Faith Heating
Home Depot
Kerner Construction, Inc.
Love, Inc.
Lyster Maintenance Service, Inc.
Oregon Decorative Rock
Paulson's Carpet
Pressure Power, LLC
Solid Rock Church
Sunset Presbyterian Church
Tesla Electric
Westec Windows