Summer Volunteer Projects!

Rodin Project 
Oct. 16-17 - Milwaukee


Rodin CrewMs. Rodin lives in the Milwaukie mobile home she has owned for 3-years. She suffers from chronic respiratory issues, has limited mobility, and is recovering from Multiple Myeloma Cancer. The cost of Cancer treatments had forced her to take out mortgages on her family’s farm. She couldn't make the payments and "lost the farm", literally. In spite of these setbacks, she feels that she lives in a really good community where people support each other, and has a wonderful attitude. Park management was requiring that Ms. Rodin’s home be painted, and a volunteer food-box deliverer told her to reach out to Catalyst for help.

That food box deliverer was Tom McGranahan, leader of the "Care Network" of volunteers from Abundant Life Church in nearby Happy Valley.  He and several of the ALC volunteers came together with Catalyst to make siding & exterior porch repairs, clean & prep, and paint the exterior of the house.

Great job, crew!