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Simmons Project
October 12 in Canby 



Bob & Mrs. SimmonsMrs. Simmons is a super-nice and bright 75-year-old lady who lives with her husband in their Canby mobile home. She is the full-time caretaker for her husband, who has limited mobility due to a stroke and brain tumor. She also volunteers at the "Countryside Living Center" in Canby two days a week, helping to care for Alzheimer’s patients. They are low-income, and needed our help with some critical deck repairs

Volunteers from Grace Chapel in Wilsonville converged on the Simmons' home to replace rotten decking and handrails on their deck, and painted everything to match the existing structure.  It was a great day of fellowship and you can see in the photo here of Mrs. Simmons with Project Advocate Bob Kanyer.

Crew Chiefs: Leo Vaughn and Darrell Kriechbaum
Project Advocate: Bob Kanyer