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Sandu Project
May 1-3, 2009
Wilsonville, OR

In recent years, the African country of Zimbabwe has become known as one of the focal points of world hunger. Entire communities are literally starving to death. One Wilsonville, OR, family has been making a life-saving difference in one of these hungry community for years; through donations of food, resources, and money. This year, one of the African families is coming to America for 2-years to receive respite and training to take back home.

The 5-person ‘Fitch’ family is hosting the impoverished African ‘Sandu’ family of 5 in their 1500-square-foot home, in Wilsonville, for 2-years beginning this Summer. The African father, Alec, will attend George Fox University, after which they will all return to their subsistence-farming community in Zimbabwe. The Fitch home needs some remodeling to accommodate the 2-year arrangement. We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to serve!

On May 1-3, 40 volunteers came to help!

• Bathroom Remodeling - sinks did not work, floor & counter needed replacing. 
• Installations - 1 door & 2 windows needed replacing, one new door added to exterior wall.
• Cleaned gutters 
• Installed wire fencing 
• Carpentry - built awning to keep rain away from entrance to kids playhouse
• Carpet replacement 
• Yard & House Cleaning 
• Installation of new 80-gallon water heater

• Home Depot
• Parr Lumber
• Paulson's Carpet
• George Morlan Plumbing

Thank you to all our volunteers and partners who made such a dramatic difference!!