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Dobbie Project
September 26-28, 2014 - in Beaverton

Dobbie Team
Ms. Dobbie is a very sweet & spry 91 year old woman who lives alone in a Beaverton mobile home.  Last year, her roof started leaking badly, causing some damage and alerting a few volunteers from her church (Aloha United Methodist Church) to spread a giant sheet of plastic over her home for the winter in hopes that a more permanent solution would present itself this Summer.  Well, guess what, WE GOT TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!

We partnered with Rebuilding Together of Washington County to provide a new roof for Ms. Dobbie.  RTWC provided all the materials, and extra costs were covered by Aloha UMC.  Here's a brief report from Advocate Taft Mitchell:

"Betty is 91 and her home needed a new roof. I hate roofs. I have decided that in heaven there will be no need, ever, for roofs! But we’re not to heaven yet, so we tore off the old roof and were horrified at what was exposed. The plywood was rotting, in some places non-existent, and unsafe to walk on. One of our workers actually went through the roof, up to her thigh. Worse, the roof joists/framework were in awful shape with many of them broken and others rotten and coming apart. This was by far the worst roof we’ve ever seen. But once you start a roof, you must finish. So we tore off most of the sheeting, repaired and strengthened the joists, put on new plywood (lots of new plywood!), and then replaced the roof. It was a HUGE job. We were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to finish this project on the weekend, but we did. Skilled volunteers showed up each day, answers to prayer and pleas, and the job was done right and on time. Frail Betty too, was touchingly grateful, and her neighbors were amazed, some of them stopping and wondering if they could be volunteers with Catalyst on other projects."

40 Volunteers
Crew Chiefs: Shawn Mitchell, Alden Potter (RTWC)
Project Advocate: Taft Mitchell