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What We Do

by mobilizing volunteers to do construction repairs & remodels that benefit under-resourced homeowners & non-profits in & around the Portland Metro Area of Oregon.

  • Catalyst mobilizes volunteers from all walks of life to help others in need.
  • Catalyst provides home repairs and remodeling services for elderly, disabled, and under-resourced home owners.  
  • Catalyst serves other non-profit organizations who serve similar under-resourced people groups. 
  • Catalyst establishes trusted partnerships with businesses, agencies, churches, & other groups to meet needs
  • Catalyst brings together people from various sectors of society to transform communities


“With everything in my heart, I want to thank all the people that helped with different things on my home. You were all strangers to me and came and donated your time and energy for me.”     -Shawna, Recipient

“Working on the Catalyst project was such a rewarding experience for our family.  It was so well organized, so when we arrived to help out, we knew exactly what we were going to do.  My husband and our youngest daughter helped clear debris from the yard and worked at fixing the porch railing.  My oldest daughter and I headed inside to paint a room inside the house.  The homeowner kept commenting on how appreciative she was, and she was in awe that there are real people out there willing to help others in need.  For me, I loved being able to help another family, I loved that my kids were involved, and it felt great to see our efforts directly affect another family’s life.  Thank you for starting this organization!  I hope to do many more projects with you!”   -Linda, Project Volunteer, who later became a Board Member

"This organization is wonderful! I am in tears of happiness from the help I received from them. They blessed me with getting rid of things, and giving me a better outlook on my future as I get out of the clutches of a scary marriage. I can't give enough thanks.”  -Emily, Recipient