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Hernandez 2 Project
Sept 18-20, 2009
Beaverton, OR 

8197024357 b5c6f5097e cIn February of 2009, the Hernandez family contacted us for help with their home. They own a duplex in Beaverton, and live in one of the units. Two members of their family have disabilities, and they live on a very tight budget. The main issue they were calling about was that their roof had been leaking into the Master Bedroom for years, causing unwanted moisture on the floor and mold on the ceiling. They also were in need of some bathroom repairs and painting. A small group of volunteers worked on their home in March. We were able to complete the work in the bathroom, but the Spring rains and the severity of the roof issues prevented us from addressing the leak. Upon further investigation of the roof, we found that there were other issues and leaks as well. Roofing professionals concluded that the roof needed to be replaced.

On September 18-20, Friday through Sunday, we mobilized donations and volunteers to provide a new roof! It was a very large undertaking, and was truly inspiring to help this dear family! Here are some details:

Self-Determination Resources helped us coordinate with the family
Malarkey Roofing donated the roofing shingles
Woodfeather’s Roofing discounted roofing supplies
Parr Lumber donated misc. supplies
Ryan Kerner Construction donated professional oversight
LB Bell Excavation donated waste removal

20 volunteers worked a total of 184 man-hours

Project Hard Costs: $6,000, covered by donations

* 3 of our hardest working volunteers were Hernandez family members
* Getting rained-on all Saturday morning :(
* The roof was finished at 11:30am on Sunday, in time for a relaxing lunch!