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2020 Golf Marathon


Virtual "Tee-Off" Zoom Meeting: Thu., June 25, 7:00pm

EVENT DATE: Sat., July 18, 9:00-11:30am at Tualatin Island Greens OUTDOOR Mini-Golf


>> VIDEO: "Why We're Doing This"



This year's Coronavirus crisis has brought about unprecedented health and economic challenges for millions of Americans; and we remain dedicated to helping the elderly, disabled, and low-income homeowners who are counting on us to complete critical home-repairs so that they can remain safely in their homes.  Some of their situations are dire, and we are their last hope!  We realize that this is a hard year to be asking people for donations, but we cannot help these people unless we raise the funds...

This year, we will be holding our 10th Annual Golf Marathon at Tualatin Island Greens instead of Topgolf.  Topgolf is currently closed due to Coronavirus concerns; and since Tualatin Island Greens has been able to remain open, we feel it will provide a better environment for, it will cost a lot less so that more funds can go toward helping vulnerable neighbors!

WILL YOU HELP US?  Here's more details....

This annual fundraiser is the source of about half of our annual operating budget, and has raised over $583,000 to benefit the charitable work of Catalyst in the past 9-years!  This has been nothing short of amazing, and has changed the lives of hundreds of neighbors in, it's a lot of fun!

This may sound crazy, and you may think we’re nuts, but WE NEED YOU to putt 100 golf balls with us at Tualatin Island Greens!  With nominal participation from 30-40 volunteers, $100,000 or more can be raised in the next several weeks to support Catalyst Partnerships’ mission!

Last year, 35 committed participants - golfers and non-golfers alike - raised over $107,000!  This year, we need passionate champions who are willing to step-up to support Catalyst Partnerships during this crazy time. We have made a commitment, and now WE NEED YOU!

Right now we are putting together our 2020 Catalyst Golf Marathon Team and we want you on it!  WE NEED YOU to participate in a KEY volunteer position. Each volunteer has a very limited, yet well defined, responsibility. We promise you, THIS WILL NOT TAKE A LOT OF YOUR TIME!  We need volunteers who will commit to following the instructions of this proven program, raising significant dollars "to serve elderly, disabled, and low-income people in our community." 

You can be a Catalyst Golf Marathon Participant!
Here is what we are asking you to commit to:

  1. Sponsor yourself for at least $1/ball ($100 total, but many of us sponsor ourselves for more!)
  2. Share your commitment with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., and ASK THEM TO MATCH YOUR PLEDGE OR DONATE WHAT THEY CAN toward your cause.  This is easy, as people will want to support you and help needy people in our community. This can be done in less than 5 hours over several weeks and we will show you how!  Each participant has the goal to raise $2,500 or more ($1,000 option for first-timers) from our spheres of influence, AND IT WORKS!
  3. Show-up for the DAY OF CELEBRATION! You'll be in a team of 3-4 people, but we'll be organizing the play so that we'll all stay 6-feet apart with no sharing of equipment.  Each player will have a putter and 5 golf balls to play on every hole: 20 holes=100 balls!  After we're all done, we'll have a short "socially-distant" huddle to say thanks and then send you on your way.  Due to the current health & economic challenges, we're scaling-down event expenses this year; so instead of doing lunch and a bunch of expensive prizes, we're spending as little as possible in order to maximize funds for projects.

You can also be a Catalyst Golf Marathon Team Captain!
We need 10+ Team Captains to pull-off this year's goals, would you be interested in leading a Team?

We have created a powerful website tool for this campaign, and it is the key to our success. On that site, you enter the pledge information for each of your sponsors.  The site will then send them details for paying their pledge, and will send a big thank you email with tax-deduction letter at the end. You do not have to collect any funds, just get pledges from those you know and we take care of the rest!

People give to People. All you have to do is ASK for help in this all-out endeavor for Catalyst Partnerships.

As a non-golfing Participant YOU can still participate, and most of all make a BIG difference for Catalyst Partnerships.

  • Don't Golf? No Problem!  Our time at Tualatin Island Greens is just putt-putt mini's perfect for non-golfers to have a great time!
  • Physical limitation, or Can't Make It on July 18th?  No Problem...You can do the fundraising and we/you can get a proxy golfer to do the golfing in your place!

Let us know that you want to be a “Participant” or a “Team Captain” and we’ll handle the rest.
If you're ready, please click the registration link to sign-up.  If you have questions, please contact our Player Captain – Rick Hoggan  (503) 706-1309