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Nacoste Project
July 14, 2012
Beaverton, OR

On Saturday morning, July 14, a handful of volunteers came together to take care of a big problem for a woman in the Bethany area North of Beaverton. Ms. Nacoste is currently living alone and unemployed. Her garage was absolutely full of her ex-husband's junk that he left behind and refused to take care of. She was not able to remove it herself or pay someone else to do it, so these ordinary-heroes went after it and left her with a clear & usable garage...and it only took them about an hour!

After the project, she had this to say: "This organization is wonderful! I am in tears of happiness from the help I received from them. They blessed me with getting rid of things, and giving me a better outlook on my future as I get out of the clutches of a scary marriage. I can't give enough thanks....Mrs. Nacoste."