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Dulin Project
Friday, May 18th in Wilsonville 


4225744513109b59e4c78zMr. & Mrs. Dulin live in their mobile home in Wilsonville.  Mr. Dulin worked for many years as a charter bus driver, but had some serious heart issues which led to a heart-replacement about 2-years ago.  He is stable now, but has limited energy and is unable to work.  The process left them financially depleted, and now Mrs. Dulin is the sole breadwinner with a modest retail position.

They contacted us because they've been struggling to keep water from coming through the damaged roof.  Most of the roof is fine, but a few sections were in desperate need of patching.  Also, water had invaded a small section of walls on one side, causing the siding to swell, and creating some rot.  We mobilized a small crew from our awesome church partner Community of Hope Lutheran Church to patch the bad sections of roof, replace the damaged siding, and do necessary repairs that were needed inside the walls & roof in the process. It was a great day of hard work and fellowship, and a wonderful encouragement to Mr. & Mrs. Dulin!

    Crew Chiefs: Rex Yetter, Pat Baker
    Project Advocate, Site Host: Taft & Bobbie Mitchell