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Forest Hills Project
Jan 30-31, 2010
Forest Hills, OR

The Forest Hills Project was an exercise in overcoming obstacles through great teamwork: Whether it was guys digging in the dirt under a giant blue tarp in the rain; kids anxiously waiting to hammer their nails into freshly angle-cut lumber, faithfully measured by a master carpenter; or a flooring team running out of vinyl adhesive while the project manager locks his keys out of his own truck in the Fred Meyer parking lot; the project ended up being a true blessing for the Recipient Family as well as all of us who served them.

Forest Hills Estates is a mobile home complex located in Cornelius, OR. Two families at Forest Hills were in need of handicap ramps to help elderly citizens safely move in & out of their homes. One of the families also needed a new floor in their bedroom. Both families live on fixed incomes, and it was our pleasure to serve them. Although we received many material donations for this project, we came far short of our financial fundraising goal and were only able to build one of the ramps…and came up short in the end at that. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP CONTRIBUTE TOWARD THIS PROJECT’S SHORTFALL, PLEASE MAIL DONATION TO CATALYST WITH “FOREST HILLS SHORTFALL” IN THE MEMO LINE.

24 Volunteers worked hard during morning & afternoon crews both Saturday & Sunday. We successfully completed the following tasks for one of the families:
(1) Replaced deck stairs with a brand new 18-foot long wheelchair access ramp to their front porch. 
(2) Installed the new vinyl floor they wanted in their bedroom, after first making several waterproofing & structural repairs.

THANK YOU to our wonderful Project Partners for helping to make this project possible, with donated materials & volunteer hours:
* Contract Furnishings Mart
* Home Depot
* Marino Designs
* Parr Lumber
* Real Life Christian Church
* Rebuilding Together of Washington County