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Eakin Project
Aug 2-10 in North Portland


IMG 0652 (1)Mr. Eakin has lived in his 1910 craftsman home for over 30 years, after inheriting it from his father. He is 76-years-old, and It's almost all he has left. He's a low-income senior who's trying to make ends meet, and his roof was leaking and in terrible shape.  He wants to stay in his home, and we were privileged to help!

A small group of volunteers covered it with a blue tarp when he applied for our help, and we returned in force to replace it.  It's a fairly steep 2-story roof (10-12 pitch), so we were careful to employ all the safety precautions.  63 fearless volunteers  worked for 9 straight days to remove 4-layers of composition roofing in addition to the original cedar shingles, repair the framing & skip-sheeting, install plywood over the whole thing, and finally install the new roofing materials.  

This was a very big job, and it was well worth it because Mr. Eakin will be able to continue living in his family's home for many years to come.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR DONORS AND VOLUNTEERS!

Malarkey Roofing Products donated all of the asphalt roofing materials!
Ability Plus Roofing donated the help of a 3-man roofing crew for 1-day!

Crew Chief: Darrell Kriechbaum
Project Advocates: Taft Mitchell, Linda Owen, Isaac Federiuk
Site Hosts: Bobbie Mitchell, Linda Owen

Friday: Begin demo
Saturday: Demo and begin framing repairs
Sunday: Finish framing repairs and begin plywood install
Monday-Wednesday: Finish plywood, install metals and paper
Thursday: Ability Plus Roofing begins roofing install
Friday: Continue roofing install
Saturday: Finished!