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"Together" - Fall 2022 - Showcasing how Catalyst partners with local businesses & organizations, this video highlights four of our awesome partners!

"Broy Project: April 2022" - The touching story of how Catalyst mobilized resources and volunteers to replace flooring for an elderly lady who really needed our help.

"Darvis Project: October 2021" - An inspiring glimpse of how Catalyst partnered with several fantastic organizations and 30 volunteers to transform Mr. Darvis's home. 

"A Story Of Hope in 2020" - In a year full of challenges, Catalyst found ways to continue mobilizing volunteers to serve others.  Watch this special video of our project for Linda Lambert.

"What Is Catalyst - Featuring the Saldivar Family" - A 12-Documentary showing how Catalyst works, from the point of view of one special project.

"Small Things With Great Love" - Catalyst mobilizes volunteers & resources to do important projects, but people are the primary focus

"Eron's Journey" - Sharing the story of a family in need, and the volunteers who served them.

"A Tale Of Two Roofs" - The story of two roof replacement projects by two amazing partners 

"A Weekend In October" - Footage of 3 separate projects done on the weekend of Oct. 22, 2016

"Church Partnership at Mt. Scott Learning Center" - Details our 2016 partnership with Westside - A Jesus Church

"2015 Volunteer Slide Show"

"2014 Volunteer Video"

"Why I Started Catalyst" - Shawn speaks at Building Hope Dessert - November 2013

"Loupe' Project" Video - September 2013

"Smith Project" Video - July 2013

"Watson Project" Video - May 2013

"Villanueva Project" Video - December 2012

"Service to Beaverton Award" interview video & reception speech
Produced by City of Beaverton - Summer 2012
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