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Korchagina Ramp Project
June 11 in Milwaukee, OR 


IMG3213201606111758261465765892611 3Ms. Korchagina is a low-income single mom of two teenage kids.  They live in a mobile home in Milwaukee, and have recently welcomed grandma into their home.  Ms. Korchagina's elderly mother is losing her mobility.  She gets around the house with the aid of her walker, and is very unstable without it.  There are five stairs leading up into the house, which are difficult for her to use safely. She rarely leaves the home.  Ms. Korchagina speaks Russian and just a bit of broken English, her mother speaks only Russian.  They are both very warm and thankful for the help we're planning to give them!

We were contacted by Ms. Korchagina's case worker from Care Oregon, who also put us into contact with Clackamas County.  The County granted funding for all the materials for a new 31-foot-long handicap ramp leading up to the house.  We  partnered with the two organizations to build the ramp with a small crew on Saturday, June 11.