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Breitbarth Project
July 20-22 in Wilsonville 


IMG8603Ms. Breitbarth is a single mom who lives in her mobile home in Wilsonville.  She keeps her home in good order, but her roof was in TERRIBLE SHAPE!  Previous repairs involving the rafters were done incorrectly, resulting in severe roof leaks and sinking ceilings in the kitchen and living areas.  A small group of volunteers covered it with a blue tarp last Fall, and this month we returned in-force to fix it.  We were joined on this project by our awesome church partner Community of Hope Lutheran Church, who provided volunteers and leadership. Also, Malarkey Roofing Products donated all the asphalt roofing materials.  Big thanks to these amazingly generous partners!

Taft Mitchell, the Advocate for the project, shares this:

"It was a great project! Our recipient was more than a bit overwhelmed by all that was done. Not just because she got a new roof and interior repairs, but because of the great people she met, talked with, and observed during the course of the project. The emotional component was powerfully positive. What did we do? We removed her roofing (really two roofs, as it had been roofed over the original), exposed rotting trusses and sheeting, did extensive repairs on the west side of the roof, repaired the damage to the interior of her house cause by chronic leakage, and then replaced the repaired roof with a quality new one. This was a big, complicated, and demanding project. But it is done!!!!!"

Malarkey Roofing Products donated all of the asphalt roofing materials
Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville led the charge with volunteers
Republic Services donated the drop-box and waste fees

Crew Chiefs: Pat Baker, Darrell Kriechbaum, Troy Hall
Site Hosts: Bobbie Mitchell, Heather Chambers
Advocate: Taft Mitchell

All together, 49 volunteers donated 330 labor-hours...thanks to all of you for giving your time & energy to make a difference!